Safety is the First Pillar of Driver Pipeline's Foundation

Safety Commitment

At Driver Pipeline, safety is our paramount commitment, woven into the very fabric of our operations. Our exemplary safety record is fortified by a team of over 20 dedicated safety professionals and in-house training facilities for our workforce. As a merit shop contractor, we uphold the values of excellence and invest in ongoing safety training, continuously enhancing safety procedures. We firmly believe a strong safety program safeguards our people, drives meticulous planning, elevates quality, boosts productivity, and ensures every team member returns home safely daily. At Driver Pipeline, our safety commitment is not just a statement; it's our way of life.

Safety Culture

The well-being of our people remains at the forefront of everything we do at Driver Pipeline. Safety is not just a practice; it directly represents our commitment to fostering a Safety Culture that permeates every aspect of our organization. 

Onsite Safety Training & OQ Facility

training-in-context.jpgOur state-of-the-art training facility can simultaneously accommodate over 100 personnel. We offer a diverse range of training options, including computer-based and hands-on training, which can be conducted in the field as needed. Our team includes NCCER Accredited

Master Trainers, Craft Instructors, Proctors, as well as Veriforce, ITS, and Energy WorldNet Evaluators.

What sets us apart is our commitment to safety training. All employees actively participate in ongoing safety training, and safety meetings occur in various Driver Pipeline divisions throughout the week. 

We take pride in our bilingual training capability, offering courses in both Spanish and English. This ensures that we reach a broader audience and enhance our safety efforts by providing proper training and information for all.

Training, Education, and Employee Involvement

Internal Safety Programs

  • Stop Work Authority
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Short-service Employee Program (180 Days)
  • Behavior-Based Safety Program
  • Safety Advisory Committee (SAC)
  • Incident Review Committee (IRC)
  • Safety Compliance Program 
  • Chapter 21- Subcontractor Safety Requirement Program
  • PPE Program- We provide all necessary Personal Protective Equipment that meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements, allowing employees to perform all their job duties and functions as safely as possible.
  • The Moore Program, This year’s motto: “2024 Safety Campaign: Let's Do MOORE In 2024!”
    • Encouragement of Employee Involvement in Safety Efforts
    • 52-week safety topic training program
    • Clear Expectations for Safe and Responsible Behavior
    • Recognize, Avoid, Prevent (RAP) Hazards

External Safety Partners

  • PEC
  • ISNetworld
  • Veriforce
  • Energy WorldNet
  • Smith System
  • Avetta
  • EPIC Brokers
  • Texas811
  • Astar
  • APCA
  • Houston Area Safety Council
  • Brazosport Safety Council
  • Damage Prevention Council of Texas
  • Veriforce Contractors Advisory Group
  • Houston Business Roundtable
  • Pipeline Contractors Roundtable Group
  • Texas Operations Contractor Alliance for Safety (TOCAS)

Safety Promise & Process Management

  • Commitment to Continuous Safety Improvement
  • Safety Meetings, Inspections, and Audits
  • Process for Investigating and Reporting Accidents, Near Misses, and Incidents
  • Dedication to Learning from Incidents
  • Compliance with Process Safety Guidelines
  • Hazardous Energy Control Procedures
  • Hazardous Chemical Information Exchange
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Guidelines on Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Protection Procedures
  • Fire Watches for Hot Work
  • Expectations for Maintaining Clean Work Areas and Housekeeping Standards
  • Requirements for Obtaining Work Permits Before Specific Types of Work
  • Communication of Client-Specific Policies and Regulations
  • Post-Project Safety Performance Review Process

Driver Pipeline Safety Awards

Apps-Pdf-icon-50.pngDownload Driver Safety Awards (PDF)

  • 2022 – DOW - Safety Sustainability Award
  • 2022 – DOW – Safety Excellence Award
  • 2021 – DOW – Safety Sustainability Award
  • 2018 – DOW – Safety Excellence Award
  • 2017 – Houston Business Roundtable Safety Excellence Award – Gold Level
  • 2016 – Houston Business Roundtable Safety Excellence Award – Bronze Level
  • 2016 – NUCA Safety Record of the Year
  • 2016 – DOW – Best in Class Safety Award
  • 2016 – Air Products – Safety Excellence Award
  • 2015 – Houston Business Roundtable Safety Excellence Award – Bronze Level
  • 2015 – National Utility Contractors Association William H. Feather Safety Award
  • 2014 – Houston Business Roundtable Safety Excellence Award – Bronze Level
  • 2014 – DOW Record – 8 Years – No OSHA Recordables
  • 2012 – Kinder Morgan – Natural Gas Business Unit Contractor Safety Award
  • 2012 – DOW – Best in Class Safety Award
  • 2012 – DOW – Safety Excellence Award
  • 2011 – DOW – Safety Excellence Award
  • 2009 – SMU Cox Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship
  • 2007 – Conoco Phillips – P/L Safety Award
  • 2006 – Conoco Phillips – P/L Safety Award
  • 1997 – TRANSOK – Project Safety Award
  • 1997 – AMOCO – Gulf Coast Regional Safety Excellence Award
  • 1996 – Air Products – Safety Excellence Award

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